How to Make a Cat Condo Using PVC Pipe

3 Amazing DIY Cat Trees

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As a cat owner, you need to think of the well-being of your cat. These 3 DIY cat trees will give you lots of ideas and inspiration so that you can build an affordable and unique cat tree for your furry friends. We provide pictures and instructions to build it from scratch. Just follow the steps carefully and you’ll be able to build one in no time. I am sure your four-pawed friend will be super happy having his own personal space for playing and resting. 

You may either assemble parts for your cat tree using materials you have around your house or seek out specific material. 

DIY Cat Tree With Real Tree

diy cat tree with leaves

This gorgeous design is made by Brittany Goldwyn for her beloved cat. More than just for your cat’s fur, this cat tree actually looks like a piece of natural art made from real branches. You can place it anywhere in your house especially in your living room for you and your guests to admire. The materials to build this cat tree are plywood, real tree branches, faux greenery, and rope. Please visit the link below to see how this cat tree is built. 

DIY Kitty Tree

Diy Kitty Tree 2DIY Kitty Tree

This kitty tree DIY is super cheap. With only $20-$50 you will be able to make one. It consists of 3 platforms with ramps to access them. I am sure even beginners won’t find it difficult to build this cat tree. This tutorial gives you a material list, a tool list, and several images, and 10 step-by-step guides you can refer to. There is also a PDF version of this guide if you like it. Build this kitty cat tree and you’ll see your kitten jump in joy. Follow the link below for more complete instruction.

How to Make a Cat Condo Using PVC Pipe

How to Make a Cat Condo Using PVC Pipe

This cat tree made of three baskets that are attached with brackets and PVC pipe covered with rope for the stand. Compared to the previous DIYs, to make this cat condo, you need to be more skilled. There are written instructions, color images to help you create it. Don’t forget to prepare the materials beforehand. See the complete tutorials here.

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