Tangmo Village
Tangmo Village

A Daydreaming Place – Tangmo Village

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A narrow village that extends 1 kilometer along a central canal, Tangmo was originally established during the late Tang Dynasty. A pathway follows the waterway from the entrance at the east gate into the village, leading the past the largest Tan’gan Garden which was modelled after Hangzhou’s West Lake. Here you will enter the village proper, passing canalside Qing residences along Shuijie before coming to the covered Gaoyang Bridge, built in 1733 and now home to a small teahouse.

A Daydreaming Place - Tangmo Village

Tangmo Village was originally the settlement village of Wang family whose ancestor, Wang Hua was promoted as the duke in Tang Dynasty. It is said that the village was built according to the style and standard of Tang Dynasty’s villages to memorize grace from the court of Tang Dynasty.

At the entrance of the village stands Shadi Pavilion, built in Kangxi era of Qing Dynasty. The three-storey pavilion has tip-titled eaves. You can watch eight eaves at different angles. When breeze blows, the small bells hanging on the pavilion ring and sound beautiful. A 400-old-year tree, standing beside the pavilion, hangs many red ribbons which is said to symbol the good luck and wellness. Obviously, the weather-beaten tree is regarded as the holy tree by the locals.
A Daydreaming Place - Tangmo Village
Tangmo is characterized by Shuijie. The clear stream across the village. On the both banks of the stream stands the traditional Hui buildings including resident houses, ancestral halls and shops. The bridges here are also very famous for its featured structure. Gaoyang Bridge is very representative and now home to a small teahouses.

Tangmo Village is a tranquil village and famous for its captivating natural landscape and the rich historical and cultural deposit. The best-preserved ancient constructions help the villages gain the reputation of Top Scenic Area in Huangshan City.

Tang Gan Yuan Garden is a must-see in the village. It was built by a rich man to realize his mother’s wish to travel to West Lake in Hangzhou. Therefore, some scenic spots of the garden are similar to those of West Lake in some way.
A Daydreaming Place - Tangmo Village
It is possible to sleep here at a villager’s house for about 60rmb. Note that the public bus will probably drop you off at the west gate where the ticket office is located. But there should be onward transport of some kind to the east gate or just backtrack.

How to Get thereThere is an hourly tourist bus from the Tunxi long-distance bus station that stops at Qiankou and Tangmo. It runs from 8:00 to 16:00 with a two-hour break from 11am to 1pm.

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