Discover Unspoiled And Mysterious Con Dao Vietnam
Con Dao Vietnam

Discover Unspoiled And Mysterious Con Dao Vietnam

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Con Dao is a group of islands off the coast of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Con Dao is known as the pearl hidden value and potential of tourism. Natural beauty, pristine and majestic of Con Dao attracted very many hearts love traveling to this visit and the resort.

Scenic Dam Trau

Scenic Dam Trau
Dam Trau Beach

Con Dao mentioned, people taking Vietnam tours often think of the hard labor with historical relics from the war. That’s why sometimes people accidentally forget the true beauty of Con Dao. But today, with the development as well as with the right investment that Con Dao has gradually become a very attractive destination. Especially in the summer, Con Dao truly become an earthly paradise between sea with vast the immense forest green.

Scenic Dam Trau is like paradise ideal of this unspoiled Con Dao place. Even with the potential for von beauty of Dam Trau Beach as a princess Sleeping is still not awake.

With fine white sand, stretches at the foot of the imposing cliffs, spectacular scenery and beautiful will definitely attracted you at first sight. The distance on a large rock slopes are two large rocks bunched together a tangerine landscape as happy bird couple.

To reach Dam Trau Beach, you have to walk about 15 minutes through 1 km of trails in the dense forest. And you would have enjoyed mixed surprising as we had discovered a land full of mystery. It is still very wild, no noise, no red and blue umbrellas, and there is no restaurant, service …

What’s more interesting to be able to put aside all sorrow of the work, to Con Dao and walking on the smooth white sand and listen to the sound of the waves mellow. Peace will last you feeling in harmony with nature and the earth here, to bring you the most soothing relaxing moments.

Hon Bay Canh poetic

Today, to Con Dao, wide paved roads were winding wandering around the beach will welcome you and give you the feeling extremely comfortable.

Hon Bay Canh is the second largest island of the 16 islands in the archipelago of Con Dao. The whole island is covered with lush green forest canopy. It is also home to hundreds of sea turtles pull together to lay eggs every year.

Beach clean green here and can not imagine. Blue of the sea, the sky blends with the blue of the mountains creating a spectacular marine natural painting and monumental. Difficult where the climate can be pure as here.

You can enjoy swimming, playing on the white sand beaches without having to worry about anything in your Vietnam tour. Or you can also delight scuba diving to see the coral. This is one type of discovery is very popular when it comes to Bay Canh islet poetic. It possesses abundant coral carpet and diversity (more species in the Vietnam Red Book) as: coral dry flakes, table, form branches …

Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park
Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park covers an area of nearly 6,000 ha of land and set 14.000ha waters. Ecosystems is a treasure yet to be discovered before. The intimate contact of the coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangrove forests has created a favorable environment for marine species live and survive. It would be a mistake to ignore the destination in your tour to Con Dao in Vietnam tours. Especially for those who love to explore and learn about nature.

Also because no human interaction from up here, nature is completely unchanged. Walking national parks, make sure you will be entranced by the beauty of its inherent mystery. The green of the trees always bring a sense of healing and peace. So, try walking along here, close your eyes breathe to feel what’s most precious natural that brought and given to man.

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