Las Vegas - Very Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips
Las Vegas - Very Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips

Las Vegas – Very Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips

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The fabulous Las Vegas Strip is the home of the city’s biggest resort properties and hotels. It is around 6.8 km in length and is situated just outside the city boundaries. The Strip is home to the best accommodation and entertainment options, and is also the hub for air tours of the city lights below and for helicopter flights to the western rim of the Grand Canyon.

The unique architecture of the big resorts on the Strip is one of the things that makes this area such a big hit with visitors. The exciting helicopter excursions are a big draw too. These tours use the best aircraft that allows you to ride in air conditioned comfort. Whisper jet technology is used for quiet, calm, relaxing flights.

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Most helicopters have seating for six passengers, with seats that face toward the front of the craft. Passengers can pass the time by listening to a recording that is available in ten major languages, or they can listen to music. All Vegas flights impose weight limits, and passengers who weigh more than 275 pounds will be required to purchase an additional seat. Most of these tours require booking in advance.

The distance from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West is about 120 miles. This portion of the canyon sits in Arizona. The Colorado River created this, and all parts of the Grand Canyon. The West Rim is right by the Grand Canyon National Park. One thing that makes these helicopter flights so incredibly popular is the amount of territory they cover. The length of the Grand Canyon measures around 277 miles, or 466 km, and its widest point is around 18 miles, or 29 km. Air tours of the region offer breathtaking views and are the only a way to see a large portion of the immense canyon.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips
You’ll board a state-of-the-art helicopter for a 50-minute flight over the Grand Canyon. – Img :

You will spot all sorts of wildlife from your helicopter and you will get to see over 1000 species of plants. The jaw-dropping panoramic views of the canyon are certainly what you would expect with an excursion from the Entertainment Capitol of the World. Golf is a popular pastime in Vegas, and even the golf courses are lush and beautiful when seen from above.

Vegas flights have been popular for years, and landing tours are one of the reasons. You can only take these on the West Rim. The most popular landing tour is the one that lands on the canyon’s floor, 3,500 feet below the rim. If you take this tour, I suggest you upgrade and add a pass for the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk and a Colorado River float trip.

Since the helicopter tours are so popular, it is pretty easy to find a tour that fits your budget. There are around 40 million visitors each year, and a great number of them opt for a helicopter tour. You can take advantage of the low prices and get the day and time you want by booking your helicopter tour in advance. Just don’t book your tour through a kiosk on the Strip or a hotel concierge, or you will pay more, and you may not have the best experience. Instead, book your flight online and you’ll be able to save as much as 35% off your ticket. In order to get the internet discount, you must book and complete your order online.

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